Malibluing in Pals

6:45:00 PM

When life gives you lemons... use them as detox! These couple of weeks (read months) have been rather stressful and tiring so whenever I feel a overwhelmed with a mix of drama and work I always try to pay a visit to my favourite area in the country, in Costa Brava.

One of the villages I used to visit as a kid with my family is Pals, which has a medieval village we all love the second we step out of the car.

The medieval town of Pals is on top of a hill but believe me it's nothing, just, don't wear heels, since there are many cobbled streets and stairs. If you spend a day there you can also head to the beaches by car, which may take about 15 minutes.

Since the day was sunny I decided to wear a summer dress I had in my closet for days. I love lemon prints for bags and dresses, now I just have to work on my tan. I paired it up with my All Star because honestly, these streets were made to make you suffer and I cannot walk in high heels around this town. I bought this straw bag in the morning in a local store and then used it to buy groceries around the village, but I think it will be my beach bag soon.

The dress is quite short and it has buttons from top to bottom, so beware of the weather if wind is on the forecast! It has an inside zipper in the skirt as well as a ribbon at the back.

If like me, you are in search of more lemon print items, be sure to check Zaful's website (here) since they have many dresses, tops, skirts and swimwear with this summery print.

Dress: Zaful ($17 HERE)
Sunglasses: Mango
Bag: local
Sneakers: Converse All Star


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