Moving on from moving on

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Update: busy week with a pause in between due some blackout at the office (embarassing as it sounds) and recovery charge after a 3-hour nap and vitamins. Also, went to see the Avengers movie (only to drool over Thor) with two fabulous & stylish ladies. 
To do: for the love of God, be regular at the gym, woman. And start working on your tan.

Dear all fabulous ladies who own the city like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha -but just like them, you also get moments when that fabulousness disappears from your facial expression due certain overthinking... Still overthinking about some past heartache? I am sure HE is the one who got lost in the superficial world searching for the easy peasy exit, the fake perfection, without realizing what he was about to miss. Is it your job? Remember a bad day can happen to anyone. Remember it's never too late to quit and pursue your career.

After having taken thousands of decisions, different paths along the way, kept friendships and lost touch with others… After questioning myself “is this the job of my life? No? Then do sth about it”, “is this the city you want to live in?”, I can answer YES to all those questions (here). Still, there are moments you get vulnerable, oh when certain memories strike back. And though you have moved on and you know it, because really ladies you realize you are so much better now and everything fell into place, of course you wonder from now and then… why did 'that' happen that way, etc.? 

This week I realized everything is completely fine so far. I went to the cinema with two new friends I have in the city, and I was thinking about how great it is to keep old friendships and have these new ones who -let me tell you- are so stylish and fun to be with! If one was missing in my life in this city, it certainly was that. I kept visiting my hometown a lot because I needed that family/friends feeling I only got in my town. But now I am so happy to spend time with my all time friends and have other plans during the week with these fabulous ladies.

It took me this much to realize I have a job I love, a great apartment with a 6-door closet (hihi) and own balcony in one of the best areas of a fab city, and well put outfits to show i am up and ready every Monday. I travel a lot with friends and family and enjoy each of these trips as much as i can... still there are nights, or car rides when i disconnect and go back to the overthinking, one question that hasn't been answered yet (and will not be, i am sure). Still, I seem to care less and less every day.
Where is that freaking memory eraser from "Men in Black" when we need it? Many of us would certainly invest in it, are you with me ladies?


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