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This summer I am all about yellow and leopard (although for me they are seasonless), and despite having to work on my tan before wearing yellows yet, I started to feel comfortable in that mustard yellow we tend to wear in autumn.

After having seen millennial pinks everywhere displaying the sweet innocent and nice attitude, here comes the Gen-Z / mustard yellow to display a bold and careless one. I do not have a favourite yellow since my closet has a wide range of clothes in canary, mustard, pastel, neon and bold yellows.

Recently I spent some days off in my favourite place in this country (here), and the very same day I arrived to that village I came across a local store where a man handcrafted straw bags in every shape, size and shade of beige/brown. After taking a look at that original traditional store, full of straw bags (ceiling, walls, floor, shelves...) I decided to purchase this round basket which can be worn in different ways and where you can put many items. 

This will be definitely my summer beach bag for those weekends with some hours at the pool or beach, but I also wanted to style it as a daily accessory for a more relaxed "townie" outfit. So far I used it to go to do some groceries and to stroll around town, when we headed to this beautiful lighthouse between Llafranc and Begur. Once there you can enjoy the peaceful and lovely views and you can see Calella de Palafrugell and Llafranc together, but if you go around the lighthouse it offers sea views with no houses around, truly breathtaking.

I think this trend is appearing over and over again once the warm weather makes an appearance, since it's been a couple of years (or more?) we see these bags around town during spring and summer. A way to get into a more sustainable way of making fashion while also playing with aesthetics since they come in many shapes and colors, adding details and customizing them for everyone's taste.  

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