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Honestly, I am like a boomerang when it comes to Mallorca and warm weather together. Whenever Spring is here I start thinking about how much I want Summer to arrive and how much I want to see my Majorcan family. Can you believe I many times feel more connected to my second cousins than first ones?

Today while talking to my Majorcan cousin I decided to take a break from the office and book a flight for what is going to be my only vacation this year.The excitement on my face when I tell others I’m going to Mallorca leaves some wonder on them and a face like “why is she so excited when she’s going there every year?”. 

Despite being the independent member of the family who is always traveling Europe and missing some family lunches because she is abroad, I do have a feeling I belong to this island in summer. Of course first thing that ties me back there is the family, but there is some feeling of second home, like going from a home to another home, on my own, and meeting my other family there. It may sound selfish, but it’s my “my-place with my-other-family” 2weeks vacation I cannot miss. 

According to psychologist Paula Folch, those who keep going back to the same place do so because there is some element of us which wakes up when being there –be it personal values, serenity, adventure, joy, excitement, peace…whatevs. It seems our brain is more relaxed because we don’t need any adaptation process to a new place, and we release positive hormones because we are not in any “alarm” state. Another psychologist, Juan Castilla, says that traveling to that “same old place” can translate into a decrease of stress and increase of self-confidence. [source: traveler.es]

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And you guys, do you feel any connection to a special place?


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  1. It is absolutely gorgeous! The air looks so clean there too!