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Working long hours at the office makes me dream even more about holidays and warm weather under the palm trees, and of course whenever I get some unbusy hours at the office I do some online search to dream even more about next destinations and of course... summer outfits!

I was never a fan of jumpsuits but this year I decided to add a couple of long and short ones to my closet. During summer days in southern Europe we definitely put soft fabrics and short clothing first, days and nights can be really warm up to the point you want to spend the entire day at the beach or swimming pool –in the water. While thinking about evening strolls and afternoons walking around the beach I made a selection of boho chic and floral rompers to add to my outfits this year.

Find it here
find it HERE

Accessories for these items are of course sunglasses, hat, flat sandals or espadrilles and sunscreen! Some years ago I went big with the accessories (lots of bracelets, big earrings…) but now and in summer specially I live for the less is more (more comfortable) motto, so I would definitely add a couple of light bracelets if wearing one of these rompers.

So far I ordered a backless short-sleeved embroidered romper in beige for those evenings we just go near the beach or around town and have some drinks, and a navy blue floral crossover romper to wear on my way to the beach or under the trees while having lunch or resting from the sun hours.

find it HERE

find it HERE

What are your fav rompers for this summer?


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