About malibluemymind
Malibluemymind started out as a personal project and hobby after a couple of failed blogs I left behind due lack of care and time. I always enjoyed writing and kept lots of journals full of lyrics, texts and quotes that led me to write more and more. After years of sharing my passion for traveling and fashion with my friends and family I created malibluemymind to share all the experiences around the globe and fashion insights -always from a personal perspective- with the world. 

TRAVEL is where I share the places I find charming and visit (or keep visiting, ehem Prague), sometimes with tips for those going there, others just talking about interesting things to do/see, what to wear posts (combining fashion and travel), curiosities about some places, or just my personal experiences told as anecdotes in a journal-like style.

FASHION is mostly about trends I discover and like for upcoming seasons, what to wear for certain events or places, runways, etc.

INTERVIEW section is dedicated to all fellow travel & fashion bloggers, fashion designers I had the pleasure to discover and contact, and people I always found interesting. 

BARCELONA is clearly about this fabulous city and what it offers. I still have much left to discover despite living here and I intend to share every little discovery on the blog.

PRAGUE is a city I keep going back to. Therefore I always try to share what I do there since most people ask me "why are you going there again? What haven't you seen/done?". I honestly feel there are places one cannot get tired of and can find new things to do.

BELGIUM is where I spent an important part of my life. My year in Ghent was an experience with lots of discoveries. People do not know enough about the wonderful and charming places this country has so I am willing to share them with you.

For any inquiry please send an email to malibluemymind@mail.com